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Fellowship Certification Examination

Fellowship Certification Examination



1. Annual Examination

  • 1. A job analysis of Functional Neurology will be used for the design of the examination.
  • 2. The examination will be administered at least once annually.
  • 3. The examination materials shall be handled in accord with appropriate standards.
  • 4. The examination and the test results will be subjected to rigorous reliability and validity analysis after each. These studies include a longitudinal component that assures performance consistency over time.
  • 5. The examination date will be set by the College.
  • 6. The location of the examination will be chosen by the College.
  • 7. Examinations shall be maintained in their original form for three years and then maintained permanently in write once read many (WORM) electronic form (CD-ROM) with at least 2 backup copies kept in separate fireproof locations. 


2. Examination Fees. 

  • 1. Examination fees are non-refundable
  • 2. Examination fees are set annually by the College.
  • 3. Examination fees must accompany application.

3. Application

  • 1. Applications are available on line at the College Web Site and from the College Secretary.
  • 2. All deadlines are determined and set by the College
  • 3. Application fees must accompany submission of application.

4. Requirements

  • Requirements for Fellowship Exam
  • 1. The applicant must hold a Doctoral Degree (MD, DO, DC, DPT, DPM, PhD, D.Sci) granted from an accredited college (USA) or its equivalent.
  • 2. The applicant must have completed Three hundred fifty (350) credit hours of training in Neurology from an Institution approved by the American College of Functional Neurology.
  • 3. The applicant must possess a license or registration to practice a primary health care profession and be in good standing with the respective licensing/registration agency.
  • 4. The candidate must submit an application on a form specified by the Board within the Board designated deadline.

5. Rewriting Failed Parts of the Examination. 

  • 1. Failed parts must be rewritten within three (3) years of the failed examination part or the candidate must rewrite the entire examination unless special authorization by the College is received.
  • 2. The fee for rewriting failed parts of the examination will be set annually by the College.